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Authorized sales and service of vehicles with professional services in 4 cities in Slovakia.

In our six redesigned showrooms we offer a fleet from the Volkswagen group – Škoda, SEAT, CUPRA, Toyota and American vehicles Cadillac, Corvette, Camaro, Dodge and RAM. All used vehicles sold by us meet strict quality criteria and this entitles us to offer a warranty within the scope of the law. The vehicles are offered with a whole range of customer benefits, but above all with a high-quality service background. Our priority is to take care of your comfort and safety on the road. Go on them only with a car in flawless technical condition.
  • UI &UX Design

  • Web Development

  • Custom CMS

  • API

The vehicle dealer Todos approached us with the creation of a new website for the car sale. The goal was to simplify and modernize the website, create more sophisticated filtering and add useful functions for visitors.


At the beginning of the realization we analyzed the competitors and tried to create the most efficient vehicle filtering structure, which we considered to be the most important. We built the website on our CMS system, which we customized for the client. We have added vehicle comparer, popular vehicles and watch dog features, which aim to constantly communicate with customers and inform them of any changes to vehicles of interest to them.

We built the project on SSR (server side rendering) technology, which ensures high-quality SEO and thanks to which development was easier for us. There is also an automated export of vehicles for the websites.

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