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At RRW, we know that your trucks and vehicles are the moving image of your brand – and that brand image needs to be clean and professional.

We also know that time spent washing trucks and maintaining truck wash equipment adds nothing to your bottom line. So how do you keep your fleet clean without the headaches and hassle?

Easy – let RRW handle it for you. We have designed and built our systems to maximize uptime, eliminate wash-related damage, and get your vehicles out of the wash and back on the road in as little as 90 seconds. Our "no problem" business model means maintenance and repairs are our problem, not yours. You pay for results, not chemicals or repairs, so with RRW your costs are more predictable.

We design, build and operate unattended, automated systems, that do reliable washing while leveraging the Cloud, Mobile Technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver real time data from our systems to our customers. RRW as a leader has shifted to real use cases and real ROI to help customers to understand, plan and develop successful strategies.

  • UI &UX Design

  • Web Development

  • AI and OCR

  • Custom CMS

  • Hardware


Goal of this project was to build monitoring system for automatic wash stations for trucks and trailers across US. Client’s need was to monitor wash cycles, liquid soap level of tanks, truck’s licence plate and trailer numbers.


We managed to deliver reliable solution by putting 2 cameras into each wash station. Front camera for licence plate recognition and side camera for OCR trailer number. Both cameras use trained AI model for truck/trailer detection. For liquid level we installed measurement devices.

Everything is integrated into web interface with detailed statistics, notifications, photo database, predictions of liquid level shortage and weather forecast.

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